Jack Summit is Canada’s youth mental health innovation summit. It brings together Canada’s best and brightest young leaders and equips them with the tools and inspiration needed to create real change. But if that isn’t enough to convince you then here are 5 more reasons you should apply to Jack Summit 2016!

1) Social Media Gains

One time I nearly got hit by a car because I was distracted by a personality quiz that was supposed to tell me what punctuation mark I am (Exclamation point!). My point is (pun intended), in a world where the internet holds such a tight grip on people, I think it’s safe to say that a strong social media presence is pretty important. Jack Summit provides multiple opportunities for snaps, tweets, vines, and the like. We even show up as a nationally trending topic on twitter every year!

We had some surprisingly tough competition last year!

As an added extra, last year Jack.org hired some handsome devil to get behind a camera and take top-quality photos of the summit. You might have seen them in a lot of profile pictures. Rumor has it he will be making a return this year to ensure that all attendees receive the unique validation only a large number of facebook/instagram “likes” can provide.

Said handsome devil is self-described as equal parts vain and good-looking so rest assured that he had plenty of shots in front of the camera as well.


2) Getting Inspired

Jack Summit is a great event to attend to get educated about mental health and what it takes to create a movement. Last year’s speakers included representatives from various organizations advocating for change such as Wear Your Label, Movember, and the Get Real Movement. These wise, friendly reps gave powerful talks that motivated last year’s attendees. They were even available to chat with delegates afterwards! 

On top of that, student speakers also got to share their experiences contributing to the movement, showcasing examples of how people our own age can make a difference. With their influence, you’ll leave the summit with a new outlook and the drive to take the lessons you’ve learned and put them into action.

3) Skill Development

Not only do Jack Summit attendees get to listen to speakers from some awesome organizations, they also get to take part in hands-on workshops to build key leadership skills. Training sessions will involve improving communication skills and education on how change is made. These workshops are designed to teach you useful skills while making you think about how they relate to your work promoting the mental health movement. The workshops will bring out the best in Jack Summit 2016 attendees. You’ll  return home with the skills you need to create real change.

4) Networking/Making Friends

An important part in committing to any interest is being able to surround yourself with individuals who are as driven as you are and will encourage you to stick with it. If mental health advocacy is your passion, then Jack Summit is the perfect place to find that kind of environment. You’ll spend an entire weekend in a room filled with other amazing people who share your passion for change. Odds are that you’ll create friendships that will grow beyond those 3 days! There’s something special about bringing together a bunch of individuals from different backgrounds that are passionate about the same thing and placing them in one room.

Actual footage from a previous Jack Summit (Disclaimer: May not be actual footage from a previous summit but it might as well be!)

If you’re at all nervous about meeting others, know that there are fun activities planned for the weekend to help with that. Some of the friendliest, most exciting people you’ll ever meet attend/organize this event. Rest assured that anyone you might end up talking to will be approachable and welcoming!

5) Getting Involved

One day, Jack.org will garner enough influential power to establish a mountain peak as its base of operations so that any subsequent Jack Summit can be held on an actual summit (#Summitsonsummits). When that day comes, you’ll want to say that you were a part of that organization before it reached such amazing heights. HA! Get it?!? Amazing heights?! Guys?


The mental health movement needs all hands on deck if we’re to achieve our goal of eliminating stigma. Jack Summit helps to do this by providing a space to create new  ideas and initiatives that will continue on past that weekend. Attending Jack Summit will give you the opportunity to take part in a community that inspires you to come up with your own ideas on how you can create change in your own community.

Jack.org has a team of students specifically tasked with planning this one weekend year-round because of just how effective it has proven to be. It’s meticulously planned so that our nation’s young leaders can get as much out of it as possible. You’ve got passion, and we want to give you a place where you can put that to use.

Eliminating stigma is a team effort and we want YOU to be a part of it!  

So what are you waiting for? Apply Now!

Ray Gutierrez currently resides in Richmond, BC and is a recent graduate from Queen's University, having majored in Biology and...